Keren has been immersed in Buddhist practice since 1997, practicing with variety of teachers in Asia and the West. Keren also holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies. Keren teaches retreats and Dharma courses dedicated to the deepening of mindful presence, insight (vipassana), loving kindness  (metta) and freedom. 

Keren Arbel

Keren teaches at the Israeli Insight Meditation Society (“Tovana”) and she is a co-founder and a teacher at “Nalanda“: an Israeli Buddhist practice and study program for experienced practitioners.

For more than ten years Keren taught Buddhist philosophy and psychology as an adjunct professor in the Department of East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University. From 2017 Keren dedicates all her time to teaching the Dhamma.

In her dharma practice she is drawn to periods of seclusion and intensive practice. Since 2010 Keren dedicates two months each year for intensive solitary silent retreats.

In her practice and teaching she has a special interest in finding ways to bring depth practice into daily life and deepen our freedom as lay practitioners. She also explores the ways in which the study of the Suttas (the early Buddhist texts) and intensive meditation practice are complimentary aspects.

Keren published two books: one is an annotated Hebrew translation of collection of Suttas from the original Pali into Hebrew.

Her second book Early Buddhist Meditation: the Four Jhanas as the actualization of Insight (Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism) explores the relation between the four jhanas and the practice of insight (March 2017). Read a summary of the book here.

“Love says ‘I am everything’, Wisdom says ‘I am nothing,
Between the two, my life flows”
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That

My book

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Some of Keren’s 2024 Teaching Schedule

An 8-day retreat for experienced practitioners from May 10 to 17, with me and Zohar Lavi, at Tovana.

A weekend retreat for beginners from June 6 to 8, with me and assisted by Michal Yon at Tovana.

A 6-day retreat for experienced practitioners from June 10 to 15, with me and Lila Kimhi, at Tovana.

A weekend retreat from July 17 to 20, with me, at Tovana.

A weekend retreat for experienced practitioners from October 30 to November 2, with me and Simi Levi, at Tovana.

A 10-day retreat for experienced practitioners from November 21 to 29, with me and Yahel Avigur, at Tovana.

A week-long retreat for experienced practitioners from December 27, 2024, to January 3, 2025, with me and Lila Kimhi, at Tovana.